Meet the Team



Florencia Moraga

Our friendly 5’3’’ taco enthusiast and fearless leader. She is astute, innovative, and is truly the teams’ pocket-rocket. Most importantly, she has a love for Convention, and how it brings people together. When she’s not furiously editing her ICal or organising a holiday, catch her binging her favourite guilty pleasure: The Bachelor.

Deputy Convenors

Nathan D

Nathan Dignam

Introducing Nathan, Dep-Con. Upbeat, board game connoisseur, and with a curious interest in dancing, he is a constant source of the Convention Spirit. As the youngest of 8 children, a national frisbee player and the life of any party – he’s primed to lead the Sponsorship, Sports and Socials portfolios.

Huy P

Huy Pham

On any given day, you’ll find Huy scaling a wall, painting in oils and hunting for vinyl records; it’s impossible to know what he’ll dive into next. When not searching for his next hobby, he can be found taking charge of the Academic, Creative and Logistics portfolios.



Don Kieu

Don’s known for being the dad of the Reinvention team. His exemplary organisation ensures our finances are all checked out, so that each portfolio can focus on one thing – making Reinvention the best it can be. His meticulous attention to detail allows him to not only excel at making spreadsheets, but also whip up some banana bread in times of knead.



Jayda Jung

If it’s possible to be both the baby and the mum in a family then Jayda’s it! Perpetually the energetic, passionate and caring tour de force in our team, Jayda’s love for the World, Convention and you will be felt across every aspect of Reinvention! Overseeing the IT portfolio and all things team organisation and welfare, it’s safe to say her obsession with Reinvention is only second to her love of Riverdale.



Ariella Alice

Her name means God’s lioness, and with a remarkable tenacity to excel, it is most certainly fitting. Whether it’s planning plenaries, running a gruelling PT sesh, or organising brunch, Ariella always considers the pride’s needs before her own. She’s super excited to design a program that assists medical students looking to break the mold – coffee in hand, of course.

Nathan B

Nathan Behrendt

With the work ethic of Road Runner and the effortless style of a blonde Jared Leto, Nathan provides a cool head for Reinvention’s Academic team. On any given day, Nathan can be found either; thinking about new and exciting sessions for delegates that conveys his passion for medical education; 20 steps ahead of you; or sitting at home, whisky in hand, with his beloved dog Rue.


Lena Eversheim

If you’re looking for good vibes, just look for this Social Convenor. Lena is your wholesome, trilingual party legend. When she’s not being your best hype girl, she’s wearing her organisational or chef’s hat, and making lists or baking cookies respectively!


Christine Gan

Queen of switching between scrubs and her iconic clout goggles, Christine has all the vivacity and fire to make her perfect for this role. You can catch her having a cheeky boogie on the nearest dance floor and you can rely on the fact that she is here to make sure you have a good time!



Raffaela Skourletos

Raff is the definition of a boss girl! Despite her lack of coordination, we can not imagine any one else bringing our ADL21 Sports Day together. You might catch her showing everyone up with disco dance moves, snuggling her pup Billy or advocating fiercely for what she believes in.


Peta Musgrove

Probably the coolest person you’ll meet, Peta’s life is the stuff of dreams – this yoga teacher x Insta globe-trotter wants to give you the most out of Sports Day, with a well-being twist! Check out her Gram for shots from Nepal and sunsets from Port Lincoln while rural. The best part: she’s also Victorian, and has a dog called Kale – Can you get any cooler than that?



Henry Lock

A stop motion animation filmmaker since 2005, making great content has always been Henry’s calling. When he’s not adding delectable memes to his 2 meme pages, Henry loves watching Survivor and WWE wrestling. Don’t be fooled by his quiet personality, Henry is willing to stop at nothing to make Reinvention the best it can be!


Sai Laxmy Chandramohan

A witty and woke personality, you’ll catch Sai play-on-words at Spoken Word nights when she’s not playing the lead in Medrevue. Sai’s determined to making Reinvention as refreshing as possible, and she’s squeezing out all the creative juices from her brain pulp for it.



Hamish Phillips

As a keen baker, Hamish has mastered the art of nurturing an idea. With his fantastic negotiating skills, competitive nature and his sharp eye for adventure, you know you’ll be getting the best deal on your amazing stay in Adelaide.


Kseniia Bogatyreva

Imagine Joy from inside-out with the world’s grooviest collection of earrings and you’ve got our very own Russian goddess, Kseniia Bogatyreva. When she’s not planting trees to save the planet you can find her drafting the perfect email and organising meetings to help bring you a one-of-a-kind convention.


Mithma Ekanayake

Mithma chose to apply her exquisitely creative and aesthetic insights to the Logistics portfolio, as it allowed for such far-reaching application of her talent. When she’s not taking the perfect candid of you or hunting out the best brunch spot, she’ll be working tirelessly to ensure our delegates and team are cared for.



Wendy Du

Wendy is the queen of brunch and spreadsheets – the perfect combination. Forever the supportive team member, Wendy has been everyone’s hype-woman since day one. Her charm, passion and negotiating skills will ensure that our delegates not only have an incredible time, but are well caffeinated throughout Reinvention week!


Alexandra Walls

If you are looking for charm, wit, and an eye for detail – Alex is your one and only! Her way with words and infectious smile has won the hearts of team members and sponsors alike. Armed with deadly skills in socialising and negotiating, she’s ready to equip Reinvention with all that it needs to become bigger and better than ever before!

Risk and Welfare


Luke Cialini

In 2014, Luke hit a bump in the road while bike riding in China, sending him head over handlebars into a passion for risk assessment and management (also knocking him out). Luke’s delighted to have the opportunity to work across ADL21 portfolios to maximise the Convention experience for both delegates and the team.


Letti Sweet

Since the start, Letti has lived and breathed risk and welfare from co-convening the AMSS’s “Worst MedCamp ever” to being AMSA Rep for one of the largest Convention delegations, she has certainly seen some things that make her passionate about bringing you a fun but super safe time. A proud medal owner, AMSA and Convention are a huge part of Letti’s life and she cannot wait to bring you the spectacular event that is ADL21.


Huy O

Huy On

Huy comes packed with passion for making connections and Convention! He’s all for Adelaide’s groovy med culture and is keen to showcase it nationally and to the next gen! When he’s not socialising, you’ll find him eating one of his 7 vegan meals a day or watching Lilo and Stitch.