Dear AMSA Rangers,

When we began the journey of Adelaide 2021, none of us knew how the following two years would unfold. COVID-19 has devastated communities across the world, and despite the many privileges afforded to us as Australians, it has continued to cause much uncertainty in our own backyard in Adelaide, particularly with regards to domestic border regulations, university leave and social gathering restrictions.

In light of this, in-person registration to the AMSA Adelaide Convention will no longer be available to delegates whose place of residence is outside of South Australia.

From the outset of COVID-19, our team has invested countless hours into brainstorming and risk mitigation, to bring you the event that we all know and love; an opportunity to bring medical students from Australia together to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Whilst we will not have you here in person, our team is currently working to bring you the magic of Convention in your home city.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way, and we cannot wait to see you again in person as soon as possible.

With love,

Florencia Moraga, ADL21 Convenor

Sophie Keen, AMSA President

Kathryn Woodward, Chair of the Board